"It matured for 2 years, smoked for 2 weeks. It's a premium ham."-

Geri tells us, and we'd be sitting down to the ground and listening to the “ham story” for days.
Almost smoked the air around us. Wait a minute! “Cutting board” menu! Ingenious! I was thrilled here! Barbi and Geri gave us an international ham plate, with a cheese plate and began our trip to the world of hams. Jamón Serrano, Prosciutto Sauris and cured ham from Etyek in the red corner, Parenyica, thyme and chili flavored cheese in the other corner, with peppers and olives, and even tiny little forest mushrooms can be found as well. Of course, we got a basket of fresh, homemade bread, but this is basic. The pig motives scattered everywhere in the bar and helps to process that this is a great animal. Bite one more from the good Serrano and nod on that statement. Hamfetisist, this is your place!”